Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Weekend

Nothing beats an Easter weekend complete with coloring Easter eggs, making edible birds' nests, and eating macarons your brother found in Koreatown...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Newport Restaurant Week 2014 and The Grand Budapest Hotel

Considering how long it has taken for Mother Nature to be kind this spring--loads of snow, wind, and rain--today was definitely one of the nicest days of the year so far.

Even better, it was the perfect day for a lunch at Castle Hill Inn for Newport Restaurant Week with Ryan.

With the exception of one occasion, Ryan and I have always done Newport Restaurant Week together (The Mooring, White House Tavern). I had eaten at Castle Hill Inn before, but since Ryan had not, the second last day of Newport Restaurant Week granted us the opportunity to enjoy one of Newport's most beautiful views and most delicious dishes.

The Drink: Spring Green Tea cocktail 
**If you love gin, you'll love this 

The Appetizer: Steamed Pei Mussels
Smoked seaweed broth, red chiles, toasted baguette

The Entree: Roasted Atlantic Salmon
Farro risotto, pearl onions, creamed escarole

Dessert: Vacherin a la Rhubarbe
Rhubarb sorbet, rhubarb jam, crispy meringue, vanilla Chantilly

We took some time before and after lunch to walk around Brenton Park before heading downtown to see a certain movie...

I really enjoyed The Grand Budapest Hotel, but I feel like you have to watch it several times to notice all of the subtle details that make the film a masterpiece. I would definitely recommend seeing it in the Jane Pickens Theater in Newport, which will be screening the film through Thursday April 24. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Free Cone Day

Today was Ben & Jerry's annual Free Cone Day!

My friend Steph and I went to the Newport location on lower Thames Street. Because it wasn't a warm, sunny spring day, the short line made it quick and easy to get our ice cream. Steph got the Dazed and Confused flavor and I got Phish Food.

The great thing about Free Cone Day, especially in Newport, is that customers can order a waffle cone for $1 and the proceeds go to the local Boys and Girls Club. I'm not sure how other locations coordinate with their local organizations, but this is a sweet way to help make a difference.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Choose Love Before Everything

Things have changed since the last blog post. Over three weeks ago, my family and I have experienced a tragic loss.

I don't feel that it's appropriate to divulge such details across the social media world--in doing so would be irreverent and disrespectful--but I want to thank friends and family who have reached out and opened their hearts during this difficult time. In times like these, all we can do is hold onto each other to support, to comfort, to remember, and to love.

Friday, March 21, 2014

First Day of Spring & National Macaron Day

Spring has finally sprung.
Spring ahead, fall behind.
Swing into spring!

Whatever phrase you prefer, there was no denying spring arrived today in Newport!

I went for a drive on Ocean Drive a few days ago and I finally snapped a picture of this part of the road. This is my favorite house on Ocean Drive, by far

I have had International Macaron Day saved as an event on my calendar for the past month and I was happy to partake my second annual ritual at The French Confection. I had a brief break during the day, so I sipped on a vanilla spice chai latte and nibbled on three macarons: lavender, rose and pistachio.

Actually, my friend Steph stopped by and she tried the pistachio flavor. She had been determined to go plant-hunting for a new house plant, so we tried looking for a greenhouse in Newport... We learned from our stop at Water's Edge on Broadway that most of the good plants come from Portsmouth, an excursion for another spring day...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Celfie T by Sincerely Jules

When I first stumbled upon Jamie Chung's photo on WhoWhatWear, I gave the T shirt a cursory glance. Then I realized I have that same shirt--I bought it from Elle G in Wickford months ago. I'm not going to lie, it's nice having some affirmation or visible evidence that I know I'm moving in the right direction in developing good fashion sense. Thanks, Jamie!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

CMA Spring National College Media Convention

It's hard to get enough of New York City, because she's like Christmas morning--no matter how many times you experience it, the excitement never dies.

Times Square

Hotel Wellington

Student newspapers from across the country at CMA NYC conference

Spending this weekend at CMA's Spring National College Media Convention in New York City was amazing. Combined with the Women's Travel Fest workshop I attended on Sunday, I learned so many tips and tricks from media professionals about blogging, freelancing and pitching in less than a week. The CMA NYC conference was aimed towards university student newspaper editors and aspiring writers who want to improve their content and their reach on their campuses.

I live-tweeted some sessions and posted the tweets on Storify:

One of my favorite parts of the conference was attending a tour inside of The New York Times building. We learned about the architecture, the Pulitzer Hall, and an overall history of the newspaper. Renzo Piano, the architect who designed The New York Times building located at 620 8th Avenue, also designed the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France with fellow Italian architect Gianfranco Franchini. 

Sushi at Bluefin in Times Square

I have wanted to get this picture for so long and I am so happy I finally had to the time to take it

Before leaving New York City, I could not leave without making one last stop...

Normandy sandwich: brie, apples, French mustard, raisins, lettuce

Hopelessly and happily addicted and I don't care who knows it

This was one of the best weekends I've had in the city...

It turns out I'll be back in the city sooner than I thought--the university student newspaper staff will be visiting the MoMa in a week. I can't wait for my next box of macarons...